Business Groups

Audit Services

Determine if the company?s risk management, systems of control, and governance processes are adequate and functioning as intended. Read More

Chief Administrative Office

Promote and protect Wells Fargo's culture and brand, and support team members. Read More

Commercial Capital

Provides tailored market-specific financing. Read More

Commercial Real Estate

Provides financing to commercial real estate owners, developers, and investors. Read More

Community Banking

Serving customers through nearly 6,200 retail banking stores, more than 12,500 ATMs in 39 states and the District of Columbia. Read More

Consumer Lending

Through passion, dedication and teamwork, Wells Fargo Consumer Lending makes life better. Read More

Corporate Banking

Works with some of the largest, most well-known companies in the U.S. with annual revenue in excess of $500 million. Read More

Corporate Risk

Protects our clients, and our company from risks like information security, operational risk, and regulatory compliance. Read More

Enterprise Finance

Plans, tracks, reports financial results and more to keep Wells Fargo's financial performance on track. Read More

Government and Institutional Banking

Works with government entities, non-profit healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. Read More

Information Technology

Delivering technology and operational support that keeps Wells Fargo at the forefront of America's largest diversified financial services companies. Read More

International Group

Provides international services to mid-sized multinational companies, large corporations, and foreign-owned companies both domestically and overseas. Read More

Investment Banking, Sales & Trading

Delivers capital markets and advisory solutions to mid-sized, large corporate, institutional, and public entity clients. Read More

Middle Market Banking

Relationship teams work with mid-sized companies in all industries with annual revenue from $20 to $500 million. Read More

Treasury Management

Offers integrated products that help clients manage cash flow and increase efficiencies. Read More

Wealth and Investment Management (WIM)

Builds enduring client relationships through sound, thoughtful and objective advice. Read More

Wholesale Risk

Protects Wholesale Banking's credit, operational, reputational, market, and balance sheet risk. Read More

See Wells Fargo's latest quarterly earnings report for information about how these business groups contribute to the company's overall results.

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