Middle Market Banking

Middle Market Banking is Wells Fargo's largest relationship business, with more than 120 regional offices nationwide that have teams who understand their local market, economy, and business environment.

Middle Market Banking team members manage our relationships with mid-sized companies that have annual revenues of $20 million to more than $500 million. These companies come from virtually every industry, including manufacturing, retail, distribution, importing, service companies, governments, private firms, nonprofit organizations, and more. We provide clients with a comprehensive suite of products and services that meet their needs as their businesses grow and evolve. Our capabilities include debt financing, treasury management, risk management, investment, pension and 401(k) management, investment banking and capital markets services, international services, employee benefits programs, and business valuation and succession planning.

Middle Market Banking also offers expertise and specialized products and services to clients. We have teams dedicated to companies in the food and agribusiness, technology banking, beverage, waste and recycling, heavy equipment dealer, and investor real estate industries.

Learn more about the Wells Fargo Middle Market Banking business.

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