International Group

Global Banking gives mid-sized multinational companies, large corporations, and foreign-owned companies access to all of Wells Fargo?s international financial services both domestically and overseas. Wells Fargo has offices in 37 countries, including the U.S. Global Banking offers traditional trade services such as letters of credit, documentary collections, open account services, and online trade management tools, as well as cross-border financing (including financing through government-guaranteed programs), private credit insurance, and risk management tools.

Global Banking offices provide domestic and overseas lending to support the financial needs and trade activities for both U.S. companies with foreign subsidiaries, as well as U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies. With team members on the ground in Europe and Asia, our relationship teams are able to work around the clock to meet the global financial needs of our clients. This allows for faster, more informed credit decisions while minimizing the risk to Wells Fargo.

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