Why Audit

Today?s landscape of corporate governance is in a constant state of change. Auditors and risk management professionals are playing a critical role in helping organizations navigate the challenges. Our team provides independent, objective assurance, and advisory services delivered through a highly professional and diverse team.

The primary function of the audit group is to determine if the company?s risk management, systems of control, and governance processes are adequate and functioning as intended. Working together, we reduce risk to protect our customers, our team members, and our communities to enhance shareholder value.

Audit Services

Audit Services conducts audits and reports the results of its work to the Audit & Examinations Committee of the Board of Directors. Results of internal audits are subject to periodic quality assurance reviews and external regulatory examinations.


Audit Services provides independent, objective assurance and advisory services to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.


Audit serves the Wells Fargo Board of Directors.

Products & Services

Audit conducts tests and reports on the effectiveness of the risk management and internal control structure within the company. It advises management on the design of risk management practices and controls. Additionally, the group ensures risk issues are escalated and resolved.

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