Minnesota Regional Banking Summer Internship Program

Minnesota Regional Banking Summer Internship Program

Minnesota Regional Banking consists of Retail Banking, Business Banking, and Private Banking as well as Retail Banking support functions including: Human Resources, Communications, Marketing, Sales & Service Development, Finance, and Community Development & Specialized Lending.

As an intern you'll get hands-on experience through a 10-16 week assignment. Assignments are based on your interests and our business needs, and may include but are not limited to areas such as:

Retail, Private and Business Banking You'll gain an understanding of consumer and/or business finance and credit. You'll learn the sales process and have the opportunity to provide value-added financial advice and service to our customers.

Finance You'll learn the assessment and analysis process used to support our staffing and budget needs.

Human Resources and Sales & Service Development People are our competitive advantage. You'll learn how we demonstrate this philosophy by partnering with internal business divisions, managers, and executives to maximize our talent and resources.

Communications and Marketing Communication is the driver both internally and externally, as we provide our message to external customers and our vision to internal employees. You'll learn the strategies and procedures behind our marketing messages and internal communcations.

Interns also receive training in operations, business, and interpersonal skills. Based on performance evaluations and current hiring needs of the participating business groups, the internship could have the potential to continue after the formal program concludes.

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Program opportunities are available in Minneapolis

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Timing for these programs varies. To find out if any of our programs are currently taking applications, visit us at wellsfargo.com/careers and search using the keyword “Intern”. We also encourage you to create a profile and set up a job agent using the search term “Intern”. The job agent will search our available jobs each day and notify you when jobs with the term “Intern” in the job title become available.

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