Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Programs

Investment Banking/Sales & Trading

Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Program

Take the next step toward a career in Investment Banking/Sales & Trading, and equip yourself with the skills and experience you need to take you where you want to go. The Wells Fargo Securities (WFS) Analyst Program offers motivated, strong performers a chance to accelerate their career with one of Wall Street's fastest-growing investment banks.

When you join a team as a full-time analyst, you will learn what it takes to succeed while developing a network of experienced team members that will help you throughout your career.

The program begins with an intensive, eight-week in-person training course. There, you will build relationships with peers across the country while you learn from Wells Fargo professionals and outside consultants with expertise in financial accounting, cash flow, credit analysis, financial modeling, and valuation.

Then, you will be prepared to join your assigned business unit, which will be determined based on your interests and business needs.


If you are selected to join the Investment Banking or Sales & Trading team, your responsibilities may include:

  • Working closely with senior bankers on presentations, financial and credit analyses, and the preparation of financial projections and models
  • Performing comprehensive and in-depth company and industry research
  • Preparing presentations, pitches, proposals, client materials and the supporting analyses
  • Developing and maintaining models to depict projected financial results and to value companies
  • Participating in strategic and tactical planning, and assisting in the execution of advisory engagements
  • Assisting in the execution of debt and equity transactions
  • Participating in client meetings, due diligence visits, and client interactions to gain exposure to key executives and senior bankers

If you are selected to join the Principal Investing Group, your responsibilities may include:

  • Working closely with senior analysts in understanding financial, business, industry, and market factors, as well as more advanced areas of the due diligence process to formulate investment recommendations
  • Analyzing financial statements and evaluating risk profiles of companies to assess credit quality of issuers and monitor portfolio investments
  • Developing financial modeling skills by working with investment professionals as well as independently to build and maintain company-specific models used throughout the investment lifecycle
  • Performing comprehensive analysis of various industry subsectors and investment structures
  • Participating in investment discussions, credit meetings, and portfolio strategy meetings with senior managers
  • Using appropriate tools to assist in monitoring positions and manage risk

Your next step

After successfully completing the program, you may be asked to join the Wells Fargo Securities Associate program. Or, equipped with the experience gained during the program, many analysts decide to explore opportunities with private equity firms, or return to business school to further their education.

Available locations

Opportunities are available in Charlotte, N.C., New York, NY and San Francisco, CA. Limited opportunities are available in Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, CA.


Required qualifications

Summer analysts must demonstrate a combination of academic aptitude, quantitative skills, personal motivation, distinguished written and verbal communication and presentation skills, excellence in working effectively as an individual and as part of a team, and an ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously.

Desired qualifications
  • Demonstrated interest in finance and the financial markets
  • Dedication to building a career in the financial services industry
  • Proven ability to take on significant responsibility
  • Willingness to work long hours in a demanding, highly-focused, collaborative, and team environment
  • Energetic self-starter who is flexible, organized, conscientious, proactive, and detail-oriented
  • An individual who demonstrates a sense of personal accountability and urgency for achieving results
  • Bachelor's degree with an expected graduation date by June, 2018

Additional group details

Investment Banking

This group delivers debt and equity underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, and loan syndications for middle-market, large corporate, financial sponsor, and institutional clients. Analysts who join Investment Banking will be placed in one of the following areas for the summer:

  • Asset-Backed Finance provides structured lending and securitization services to core clients across all asset types including consumer assets, corporate loans, residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and corporate operating assets.
  • Corporate Finance provides financing and structuring advice, liability management, ratings-advisory and technical expertise on tax and accounting to help clients optimize their capital structures.
  • Equity Capital Markets oversees Wells Fargo's activities in the primary equity and equity-linked markets. This group also supports the origination of primary market transactions and their structuring, syndication, marketing, and distribution.
  • Financial Sponsors originates leveraged-finance, mergers and acquisitions, and equity transactions.
  • High-Grade-Debt Capital Markets originates, structures and executes various debt and hybrid securities transactions for investment-grade clients. Provides financing solutions tailored to clients with an investment-grade credit profile to support acquisition financing, working capital needs, general refinancing, and other corporate purposes.
  • Industry Coverage provides investment banking and advisory services to clients in Consumer, Healthcare and Gaming, Energy and Power, Financial Institutions, Industrials, and Technology, Media and Telecommunications.
  • Investment-Grade Loan Syndications originates, structures, and executes lead-arranged loan syndications for investment-grade clients. Provides financing solutions tailored to corporate clients with an investment-grade credit profile to support acquisition financing, working capital needs, and other general corporate purposes.
  • Leveraged Finance originates, structures, underwrites, and executes loan syndication and high-yield transactions for corporate and financial-sponsor clients. Provides financing solutions tailored to corporate and financial sponsor clients to support acquisition financing, growth financing, recapitalizations and refinancing transactions.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Advisory assists middle-market and large corporate clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives in partnership with industry and specialty coverage groups. Services include sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory, strategic financial advisory, fairness opinions, takeover defense, and private equity placements.
  • Regional Investment Banking provides investment banking coverage to select middle-market clients and emerging-growth companies in Wells Fargo's core commercial and retail geographic footprint. The group advises middle-market financial sponsors and has dedicated merger and acquisition execution capabilities.
  • Public Finance provides capital-raising solutions for government clients and tax-exempt clients in the healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors. Clients are covered by geographic and industry-specific Investment Banking teams.
  • Real Estate Syndicated Finance originates, structures, underwrites, and executes loan syndication transactions for real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate funds and private developers. Provides financing solutions tailored to support acquisition financing, growth financing, recapitalizations and refinancing transactions.

Sales & Trading

This group delivers capital-market products ranging from the distribution of public debt and equity products, to interest rate, commodities and equity risk hedging services. Analysts that join Sales and Trading may rotate through several desks within the following businesses:

  • Asset-Based-Finance Sales & Trading provides sales and trading of securitized fixed-income products such as agency and nonagency mortgage-backed securities (MBS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), asset-backed securities (ABS), and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). The ABF team is an active primary underwriter of both third-party clients and Wells Fargo Bank-originated collateral across asset classes.
  • Commodities offers a variety of customized derivative and physical solutions to help our borrowing clients manage their exposure to commodity price risk. Focus sectors are Energy, Metals, and Agriculture. Products traded include: crude oil, diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline, natural gas, ethane, propane, metals, and agriculture.
  • Credit (High-Grade & High-Yield) Sales & Trading addresses client investment needs and objectives through the distribution and placement of underwritten deals, as well as by providing and facilitating capital-market liquidity and resources.
  • Equity Sales & Trading provides sales and trading for clients who are raising equity and convertibles in the capital markets, as well as investors looking to secure equities for their investment needs.
  • Fixed-Income Market & Portfolio Strategy provides general fixed-income strategy and commentary, as well as customer-specific portfolio analysis, balance sheet analysis, and individualized solutions to a broad spectrum of fixed-income investors. Our customers include total return-oriented money managers and mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, money-market funds, corporations and other short-duration accounts, municipalities and state funds, credit unions, and banks ranging in size and sophistication from community banks to money-center banks.
  • Interest Rate Risk Management helps companies analyze and manage financial risk resulting from changes, as well as clients with needs to hedge interest rates and commodity prices.
  • Investment Solutions delivers structured investments to institutions and individuals across asset classes, including equities, rates, commodities, credit, currencies, and inflation through a global distribution network. Investment Solutions uses a variety of investment vehicles, including structured notes, structured CDs, special-purpose vehicles, OTC contracts, and separate accounts.
  • Municipal Sales, Trading, Underwriting, & Derivatives delivers financial solutions to issuers and provides sales and trading services to institutional and middle-market investors. The desk is a leading originator and market maker for tax-exempt and taxable bonds across all major market sectors. Derivatives marketing provides tailored interest rate risk management services and customized financing solutions to municipal issuers.

Principal Investing Group

This group manages a portfolio of fixed-income securities and financings across various asset classes, including investment-grade and high-yield bonds, municipal bonds, convertible bonds, structured products, and leveraged loans. The team organizes portfolio coverage by both asset class and industry sector.

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