It is satisfying to know a relationship manager trusts you with a client, and feels you’ll be a valuable part of the deal.


Commercial Banking


B.A., General Studies, Western Washington University

My role on a project

I am an analyst in Commercial Banking. We work with mid-sized companies with between $20 million and $500 million in annual revenue. My office works with so many interesting projects and clients. For example, we financed the new Ferris wheel that has been constructed on the Seattle waterfront. The structure will be a prominent tourist attraction that will forever change the skyline. It’s exciting to be part of the city’s history.

I also am responsible for completing all reports for the city’s professional sports franchise. It is interesting to see how fans react to business decisions. For instance, when reviewing financial statements, changes in costs and revenues can be attributed to player contracts, ticket sales, and media revenue. It is fascinating when you can evaluate your client in real-time.

What keeps me interested

I find it most rewarding when I have earned time in front of clients. It is satisfying to know that a relationship manager trusts you with his or her client and feels that you will be a valuable part of the discussion and deal. I have attended several client meetings and events including the initial meeting, document signing, celebration dinner, and an auction where I hosted a client when the relationship manager was unable to attend. I feel fortunate that my office has chosen to invest in my development in such a meaningful way.

Support for my career

All analysts are required to take the Credit Fundamentals training, which I took after being in the office for two weeks. It gave me insight into Wells Fargo’s credit culture and philosophy. Additionally, the technical training helped familiarize me with the concepts and terminology used in the office every day. The two-week training culminated with a final case study, in which students worked as a group to complete a full credit report and present their findings to a mock loan committee. This final task pulled all the concepts together and gave an accurate depiction of the steps that a relationship manager must take to complete a deal.

Wells Fargo culture

During my internship in Philadelphia, I sought out and volunteered with the Bethesda Project, which provides shelter, housing, and programs to support chronically homeless men and women in Philadelphia. I specifically volunteered with Our Brother’s Place, a men’s homeless shelter that serves 150 men daily with three meals a day, overnight shelter, physical and mental health services, etc. At Our Brother’s Place, I volunteered every Tuesday from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m., working in the kitchen helping to prepare and serve meals. The most rewarding moment was setting up a Philadelphia Institutional Metro Markets office-wide collection drive for gently worn men’s clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc. We collected more than 20 complete outfits for the men and a ton of toiletries. The smiles on those guys’ faces and the gratitude in their eyes made the moment priceless. From volunteering at Our Brother’s Place, I met men from all different walks of life. I was able to hear their stories, their present situations, and what they hoped for in the future. This was such a humbling and awesome experience.

Going full-time

I found the culture here unexpected for a large corporation — it’s more like what I would expect to find in a smaller, regional office. Our leaders are friendly, warm, and approachable. We work as a team and are friends outside of the office.

Words of advice

Network. Establishing and keeping strong connections throughout your career will help you become successful. If you have people advocating for you, you gain credibility and are given opportunities that you would not have received otherwise.

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