Wells Fargo does an excellent job of exposing you to a lot of paths you could take as a business major.


Commercial Banking

Summer, NJ

B.S., Finance, The College of New Jersey

My role on a project

One project that I worked on was creating an industry alert for a company that produces laser optics. At first this project was a bit intimidating because I did not know anything about the industry, but I was able to collaborate with other members of the Commercial Strategies team to learn how to do the necessary research and learn how to construct an industry alert. With guidance from full-time team members, I was able to successfully complete the task and learn new information.

Skill development

Working at Wells Fargo this summer improved my ability to balance teamwork with individual achievements to maximize the benefits of work. Working with the Commercial Strategies group allowed me to be responsible for my own projects that I constructed from the beginning. However, I always had the option to seek out another group member if I had any questions. Similarly, when I finished individual projects to the best of my ability, other Commercial Strategies team members would always provide suggestions to improve my work, which helped me to improve in current and future projects.

Most memorable experience

My most memorable experience during the program was being trained by another Commercial Strategies team member, who flew in from Florida to teach proper benchmarking techniques. The experience highlighted how Wells Fargo encourages and invests in the continuous learning of its full-time team members, as well as its Summer Financial Analysts.

Beyond the office

One of my favorite activities was going on a boat cruise around New York City with summer financial analysts working in New York and surrounding areas. This experience was incredibly rewarding because I not only met other interns and learned about the work that they do with Wells Fargo, but I also met people who were part of the full-time Financial Analyst Program and learned about their experiences in the program.

Going full time

I joined the Financial Analyst Program full-time because I really enjoy the nature of the work I perform. I am given responsibility, but there’s always a team to support me when I need help or have questions. The job gives me the opportunity to work with many different groups in Wells Fargo, so I can continue to learn more about what Wells Fargo has to offer.

Why you should apply

I would recommend the Summer Financial Analyst Program to current students because it provides a great opportunity to get real-world experience in finance. Most importantly, the program ensures that you are educated not only on the work you will be doing over the summer, but also on other jobs that are available in the industry. I found this opportunity highly beneficial because as students, we are not aware of all the jobs available to business majors, and Wells Fargo does an excellent job exposing of you to a lot of paths you could take. Wells Fargo provides summer financial analysts with the opportunity to speak with leaders of different divisions in Wells Fargo who educate the interns on work available all throughout the bank and industry as a whole.

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