It's unusual to see closed doors, which gives me confidence to walk into anyone's office at any time to ask questions.


Corporate Banking


B.S., Finance, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign

My role

I am an analyst in U.S. Corporate Banking. I underwrite risk and monitor performance of large, corporate clients in the Midwest. Specifically, I help analyze the risks of these companies and write detailed credit reports about all of the positive and negative credit issues.

What keeps me interested?

One of the most interesting aspects of my job is seeing how differently all of the large, corporate clients in my portfolio are organized. All of my clients are Fortune 500 to Fortune 1000 companies, including retailers and chemical and industrial companies, and each operates its business differently. Because our portfolios are divided by geography rather than industry, I am learning about different industries and the need to analyze each separately.

I worked on a mergers and acquisition transaction in which one company planned to acquire another company using a revolving line of credit secured by the company's assets and an institutional term loan called a Term Loan B. Wells Fargo was the lead left agent on the asset-based facility and was awarded joint lead arranger on the Term Loan B. Because we were a lead in both facilities, we had to receive approval from senior management prior to the general syndication. My team and I worked with Wells Fargo Capital Finance and Non-Investment Grade Debt Capital Markets to compile a credit report that incorporated all of our respective sections and expertise. We were able to successfully provide the company with the financing it needed to complete the acquisition.

Wells Fargo culture

The best way to describe the culture at Wells Fargo is "open door." I am amazed at how the organization is very casual about hierarchy. It is unusual to see closed doors, which gives me the confidence to walk into anyone's office at any time to ask questions. The organization really puts a lot of effort into you and allows you to keep learning.

Words of advice

Use the recruiting and interview process as an opportunity to learn about Wells Fargo and to see if Wells Fargo is a place you would like to work. If financial services is what you are interested in, interview at multiple banks to see what environment you think best suits you.

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