One skill in particular that I developed was the ability to learn things and synthesize information quickly.


Commercial Banking

St. Louis, MO

B.S., Finance, Truman State University

My role

Throughout the summer, I worked on many credit deals and projects in various industries. One project I worked on was a full credit report (FCR) for a business prospect that our team had just made a deal with. I worked on the report with a relationship manager in our office and the loan team manager, who also was my manager. I learned how to analyze a company’s financial and operational strengths and weaknesses, how to conduct financial and industry analyses, and how to prepare the underwriting memorandum. It was challenging because it was my first credit report and I did not know where to find all of the information about the company. I collaborated with the relationship manager and my manager, and they helped me to find the resources I needed to finish the credit deal, which ultimately was approved. I used what I learned from this experience to successfully complete other FCRs.

Skill development

One skill in particular that I developed was the ability to learn things and synthesize information quickly. I collaborated with analysts and relationship managers in structuring multimillion-dollar transactions, so it was important for me to continually increase my knowledge. My manager said that it was important to be able to learn something new every day, and I took that to heart. I worked with people in different departments throughout the summer and learned something from each one of them.

Most memorable experience

I had many memorable experiences during the program, but if I had to choose one, it would be working with others in the office. Everyone in the office was great and very helpful. My buddy in the program, one of the relationship managers in the office, really helped me develop my analytical skills and challenged me throughout the summer.

Beyond the office

One activity that I participated in outside of the office was a client visit with one of the relationship managers. We went to the prospective client’s office to meet the CEO of the company. This allowed me to see how business deals are made and provided me with insight on how interpersonal skills tie in with analytical skills, which is important to the success of our Commercial Banking team. This activity also allowed me to better understand how to uncover client needs that we can help address with other Wells Fargo products and services.

Going full time

I decided to join the Financial Analyst Program because of the great experience I had as a summer financial analyst. Each day I learned something new and I enjoyed working with others in the office. The work environment was lively, and I enjoyed going to the office every day. The Financial Analyst Program will help me develop many professional skills and hopefully will allow me to participate in the Credit Management Training Program, which is an advanced program in credit analysis.

Why you should apply

I recommend the Summer Financial Analyst Program to other students because it is a great opportunity to develop your professional skills. You get the opportunity to learn from others in the office, challenge yourself, and work with other departments that you might be interested in. You also receive guidance and mentorship from experienced managers, participate in volunteer activities in the community, network with other summer analysts and full-time analysts, and meet and hear Wells Fargo’s top leaders. The program also gives you lots of training to help you develop the skills you need to be good at the job.

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