Working together as a team with a common goal to serve our clients is what makes Wells Fargo so great.


Commercial Real Estate


B.B.A., Real Estate, University of Georgia

My role

I work with relationship managers to underwrite real estate loans in the Carolinas region. My responsibilities include underwriting commercial loans, maintaining client relationships, and supporting my relationship managers in offering a level of service beyond what any other lender can provide.

What keeps me interested?

Real estate is tangible, and all of my work and projects present opportunities to visit each property we add to our portfolio. I also enjoy learning about the role each property plays in our local community. I am working on a large, multifamily underwriting project. The due diligence and underwriting of a project this size, and the ability to walk outside and visualize what the result will be has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience.

Support for my career

The Credit Fundamentals class, which is the training all analysts take when they start the Financial Analyst Program, provided the essentials needed to become a successful analyst and allowed me to make connections across the country. I learned aspects of commercial lending that have helped me understand and communicate more effectively in my analyst role. This experience gave me the opportunity to work with others and prepare for challenges I know I will have throughout my professional career. In addition, my managers and colleagues continually go out of their way to share their experience and knowledge so that I am able to progress in my role. My manager is kind, supportive, and integral to my success in the Financial Analyst Program. Everyone in my office is extremely happy to teach, mentor, and spend time with me to provide the building blocks that will allow me to advance my career.

Wells Fargo culture

"One Wells Fargo" best describes the way we work at Wells Fargo. Our culture revolves around working together, across businesses and divisions, while always focusing on achieving the best solution for our clients. Working together as a team with a common goal to serve our clients is what makes Wells Fargo great.

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