Although it is large and sometimes confusing, the values of Wells Fargo are what make it a great place to work.


Government and Institutional Banking


B.S., Commerce and Business Administration, University of Alabama

My role on a project

The main project I was in charge of this summer was creating a 120-slide presentation for our Annual Portfolio Review. The presentation covered all the companies in the Texas Healthcare team’s portfolio, and the products and services each company used. We also included market research on all of the other hospitals and health systems in the region, as well as the state of the economy in the cities and states we cover.

Because this was such a big project, I had to collaborate with the whole team, including our portfolio manager, loan team manager, relationship managers, and full-time analyst. The biggest challenge was coordinating with the team to get the necessary information because everyone is extremely busy. Although I felt like I was bothering them, they reassured me that what I was doing was very important and told me to continue to push them so I could complete my tasks.

Skill development

I really developed my communication skills over the summer. I have always understood how important it is to have a professional demeanor, but it wasn’t until I continuously watched the managers in my office that I realized how much it can affect your relationships with team members and clients and, ultimately, your career. I found it very beneficial to have a summer internship at Wells Fargo so I could have a glimpse of what I need to work on before I take a full-time position.

Most memorable experience

My most memorable experience was the Annual Portfolio Review presentation. I traveled to Denver with the rest of the team to attend the presentation. It was a relief to complete the project, and the presentation went extremely well.

Beyond the office

Along with five other Houston summer financial analysts, I planned a weekend excursion outside of work. We drove to Kemah, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico and chartered a catamaran for a couple of hours with our senior campus recruiter. After that we had dinner on the boardwalk. It was a great day, getting to know the summer financial analysts outside of the office. I went to high school with one of the interns. The other analysts were from Dallas, New York, Louisiana, and North Carolina, so it was great having the opportunity to meet other college students interested in banking.

Going full-time

I decided to join the Financial Analyst Program full-time because of how much I enjoyed the internship. During the conference calls this summer, I continued to hear about “the 12-week interview.” Not only was it an interview in which Wells Fargo could look at me, but it was an interview in which I could look at Wells Fargo. Working in the financial services industry did not cross my mind before this internship. I also did not have any intention of living in the city where I grew up, Houston. This summer, I enjoyed who I worked with, enjoyed who I met, and enjoyed what I did.

Why you should apply

Since my return to the University of Alabama, I have told friends about my amazing internship this summer and two people have asked me if they should apply for a position with Wells Fargo. My response was “absolutely.” I recommended the Summer Financial Analyst Program to them because not only did I learn a lot, have the opportunity to travel, and meet so many great people, I was able to see how great of a company Wells Fargo is. Although it is large and sometimes confusing when you ask others what part of the company they work in, especially when you add in acronyms, the personality and values of Wells Fargo are what make it such a great place to work.

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