I was able to connect my specific projects to the workflow of the whole group, and better understand the big picture.


Corporate Banking

New York

B.A., Economics, New York University

Describe a credit deal or project that you worked on during the summer

One of the major projects I contributed to over the summer was a report on the aerospace and defense industry. This project proved to be quite a challenge, as the report included earnings summaries, variance analysis, and projection models for 20 companies within the industry. I had to coordinate the compilation of the report with the most recent quarterly earnings release of each company so that we could incorporate the most relevant financial data. I collaborated with the analysts and our manager as we reviewed each company. I used recent earnings releases to compile the earnings summaries, variance analysis, and relevant commentary. I also created and updated tear sheets, which provided detailed summaries of historical, current, and projected data for each company.

Describe a specific professional skill that your work in the summer program allowed you to develop

A skill I developed during the summer program was task management. I had the opportunity to work with several different managers throughout the summer, so I had to manage multiple projects with varying deadlines at once, while still maintaining a high quality of work. I quickly learned how to effectively manage my workflow by working with my managers to develop appropriate timelines and prioritize tasks.

I enjoy contributing my research and analysis to large projects and making that work my own, knowing that senior management will rely on the information to make credit decisions. For instance, I’ve been assisting in the process of launching a $4 billion syndicated line of credit with more than a dozen domestic and international banks. We worked closely with the Wells Fargo Securities Loan Syndications team and were named as a lead arranger for the transaction. This was a huge win for the company.

Words of advice

Take lots of accounting, get as much experience as you can with Microsoft Excel, and try to network with some Wells Fargo team members to learn more about opportunities you might be interested in.

What was your most memorable experience during the summer?

My most memorable experience during the program was participating in my team’s weekly pipeline meetings. Every week, our team sat down together to discuss the group’s workflow and status of current deals. I had the opportunity to share what I was working on while also learning about deals that I was not working on. By hearing about the experiences of other team members, I was able to the connect the specific projects I was working on to the workflow of the whole group and gain a better understanding of the "big picture."

Why did you decide to join the Financial Analyst Program full-time?

One thing that made my decision to join the Financial Analyst Program so easy was the people. Wells Fargo has a dynamic culture that gives way to an open and encouraging work environment. Everyone I worked with was so approachable and more than willing to help. I not only enjoyed the work I was doing, but I also enjoyed who I was working with, which added so much value to my experience. I also was drawn to the emphasis on training in the Financial Analyst Program. Education goes beyond Credit Fundamentals Training and continues throughout the program, providing a platform for personal growth and career development. I knew that a position in the Financial Analyst Program was not only a good job opportunity, but also a great career-building opportunity.

What was the most rewarding activity that you participated in outside of the office during the summer?

I participated in a volunteer day with my group at the Grand Street Settlement in New York City. We organized a Father’s Day dance for seniors and planted flowers at the playground of the childcare center. The best part of the day was getting to know the members of the community at Grand Street Settlement. It was such a pleasure to see everyone enjoying what we had contributed. We even got to join in on all of the fun of the Father’s Day dance and got out on the dance floor.

Why would you recommend the Summer Financial Analyst Program to other students?

As a summer financial analyst, you not only observe what it’s like to be a full-time analyst, but you actually experience it. I didn’t feel like I was just an intern. I became an active team member and made meaningful contributions. I not only learned a great deal, but I was able to put all that I learned into practice.

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