We are helping companies in our neighborhoods reach their goals. How cool is that?


Commercial Banking

San Francisco

B.A., Spanish Literature, University of California, Santa Barbara

My role

I am an analyst with Commercial Banking, and we work with mid-sized businesses — companies that have between $20 million and $500 million in annual revenue. I help the relationship managers in my office prepare documents necessary to get a loan approved by our loan supervision team. More specifically, I help prospect for new business, analyze current and prospective companies, and help manage our credit relationships.

What keeps me interested?

What's interesting in Commercial Banking is how many different types of companies you get to see, such as real estate investors, technology companies (even start-ups), entertainment, nonprofit organizations, retail, travel and leisure, and many other industries. Some of the companies I'm building a relationship with are actually ones I know and frequent.

What I really like about my job is being able to break down a company to its bare bones and figure out how it functions, how it raises capital, how risky it is, how we mitigate those risks, and how we can structure a credit relationship. Once a prospect passes our preliminary evaluation or we renew the relationship, we think creatively about how to structure a deal that works for both Wells Fargo and the company. When all is said and done, we are helping companies in our neighborhoods reach their goals. How cool is that?

Support for my career

The Credit Fundamentals training, the course all financial analysts take when they start the Financial Analyst Program, was phenomenal. It amounted to two of the most fun and challenging weeks of my life. There were 40 analysts from around the U.S. and Canada who were brought together to learn the basics of credit underwriting. I was able to interact not only with people from all over North America, but also with people from different lines of business, different experience levels, and very diverse backgrounds. The training kept me on my toes, but it also gave me the opportunity to network and socialize. I left Credit Fundamentals with a strong network of young professionals that I can rely on as I begin my career with Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo culture

The culture at Wells Fargo is professional but relaxed. We are on a first-name basis and people are friendly, energetic, relationship-minded, and driven by client satisfaction. It's a culture where we put our clients' needs first, and everything else falls into place.

Plus, Wells Fargo is a company with a strong record of community involvement, volunteerism, and philanthropy. As someone who came from the nonprofit sector, I have found that Wells Fargo truly aims to create change in the local community. It's a rewarding place to work.

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