This program gave me the exposure I needed to make an informed decision about where I want to be in the future.


Commercial Banking


B.S., Finance, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign

My role

I worked on a large, syndicated deal that my group was heading, and I was given the opportunity to create the memorandum that was used for the initial conference calls with other loan team members. It was an amazing experience because I knew that everyone on that call was counting on the accuracy and detail of my writing, as well as my knowledge of the background of the potential credit deal. I learned a lot about concise business writing, crucial financial statement analytical skills, and the proper communication methods used by my team. I was able to work with relationship managers, analysts, relationship associates, portfolio managers, loan team managers, and many others involved with the deal. I definitely was challenged often when new tasks and skills were introduced, and I knew the only way for me to learn was to be willing and able to handle things with an open mind. My portfolio manager commended me for the work that I did on the deal, which fueled me to continue to do great work and to strive for my best when working with others on a credit deal.

Skill development

I have always considered communication the most crucial professional skill, and one that can always be improved. I made it my focus this past summer to communicate with other professionals and not to be afraid to ask for help or to seek guidance. Good communication is the most vital skill in the workplace, and one that will allow me to develop myself in many other ways.

Most memorable experience

My most memorable experience during the program occurred when a few interns and I had the chance to work on a community service project in Chicago and then present it to a panel of judges for a possible charitable donation in our name. We chose to make an interactive website presentation with a focus on the increasing crime and youth homicide rate in Chicago. I have always had strong feelings for philanthropy, so I was proud to have had the opportunity to make a difference in my community. Although we did not win the money, we were able to volunteer for Kids Off the Block, an afterschool youth center on the South Side of Chicago.

Beyond the office

I put together a team for a summer softball outing hosted by Commercial Real Estate, and I could not have been happier to participate in that tournament. We made it to the championship game and ended up tying for the win after rain indefinitely postponed the competition. It was very rewarding to receive positive feedback for my actions and leadership with the team, and I will never forget the experience. I was able to meet team members from the Commercial Real Estate and Wealth Management groups, and I made contacts for future events within Wells Fargo.

Going full-time

I had very specific priorities when deciding where to work and start my career after graduation. More than anything, I wanted a culture where I felt comfortable and where I felt that my efforts provided real value and would make a difference. During my summer at Wells Fargo, I quickly realized that everyone in the office truly cared about my career goals. I know that the paths that I can take with the Financial Analyst Program will be tailored to my needs and will include many opportunities that I cannot find anywhere else.

Why you should apply

Like other Finance majors my age, I did not know what I wanted to do with my major following college. The Summer Financial Analyst Program gave me the exposure that I needed to make an informed decision about my career goals and where I want to be in the future. The work that is done is real and adds value from the start, so I was able to see the big picture right away. The internship was very analytical, which helped reinforce what I was studying in school and show me where my future career could lead. I am excited for what comes next and I know that my decision to go full time with Wells Fargo was facilitated by my experiences in the Summer Financial Analyst Program.

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